-y1 [ē, i]
[ME -y, -i, -ie, prob. based on OFr -i, -e, in such familiar names as Davi (for David), Mathe (for Matheu), etc.] suffix forming nouns
1. little, dear: used in forming diminutives, nicknames, and terms of endearment [kitty, Billy, daddy]
2. alt. sp. of-IE (sense 2)
-y2 [ē, i]
[ME -y, -ie < OE -ig, akin to L -ic(us), Gr -ik(os)] suffix forming adjectives
1. having, full of, or characterized by [dirty, healthy]
2. rather, somewhat [yellowy, chilly, dusky]
3. inclined or tending to [drowsy, sticky]
4. suggestive of, somewhat like [wavy]: Sometimes used with a slight intensive force that does not change the meaning of the root adjective [stilly]
-y3 [ē, i]
[ME -ie < OFr < L -ia < or akin to Gr -ia, -eia] suffix forming nouns
1. quality or condition [jealousy, zoanthropy]
2. a shop or goods of a (specified) kind [coopery]
3. a collective body of a (specified) kind [soldiery]
-y4 [ē, i]
[ME -ie < Anglo-Fr < L -ium] suffix forming nouns
action of [inquiry]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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